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Maximum 30 minutes on high intensity

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The Ultimate way to train


Because you are working towards a certain goal, we are not simply going to do exercises, but we are going to train purposefully. Training is a matter of stimulating your muscles. You need the right level of intensity for that. CRX Genetic is the real PERSONAL training and guarantees this level of intensity. This level of intensity will be achieved by using specific exercises combined with a kettlebell, suspension trainer or body weight.


CRX Genetic lets you train according to the three body types that NEOBODIES distinguishes: the Warrior, the Survivor and the Hunter. Each body Type uses its own way of training. In order to train using NEOBODIES you can just subscribe to any gym of your choice, provided that kettlebells or suspension trainers are available. Training at home is another alternative that we at NEOBODIES prefer. This is because at home you can train in your own time and pace. You won’t get distracted by other people that probably haven’t set their goals in the same way you did. You want to become the best version of yourself. To train at home you need two CRX Genetic ‘tools’: the kettlebell and the suspension trainer (also known as TRX).  With these two tools you can manage.


What type of kettlebell do we recommend? 


Beginning women use kettlebells weighing 4 and 8 kilo’s Intermediate women use kettlebells weighing 8 and 12 kilo’s Pro women use kettlebells weighing 12 kilo’s or more 


Beginning men use kettlebells weighing 8 and 12 kilo’s Intermediate men use kettlebells weighing 12 and 16 kilo’s Pro men use kettlebells weighing 16 kilo’s or more