Become the ultimate version of yourself

Train, eat and live your life in the most effective way for your body and see how you will reach your goals faster. At GenBluePrint, measurements, tests and questions will be combined to create a genetic blueprint of the athlete in question. With all this information, the athlete can effectively train, eat and reach his or her goals. It is now possible to use this information about your natural talents in sports and train at home or at the gym in your neighborhood. This can all be achieved with your personal GenBluePrint.


The GenBluePrint consists of the following components:

-       A few questionnaires relating to your personal body composition;

-       Skinfold measurement relating to the storage of your fat and hormones (performed by yourself or together with a NEOBODIES Xpert);

-       A few muscle tests relating to your body composition (performed by a NEOBODIES Xpert)


What kind of motor runs your body and what kind of gas does it need? The wrong kind of gas or oil in your motor will guarantee that it will fail. Eat, live and train in a way that is most natural for your body, and you will see that you’ll reach your goals faster.


NEOBODIES divides the natural characteristics of the human body in three types: Hunter | Survivor | Warrior.


Do the GenBluePrint test. Start with the basic training and after a few days your personal GenBluePrint will be send by mail. After that you can choose any training which you can dan according to your profile.


Together, we will make it possible to become better, faster and stronger at your sport.


It is now possible to use this information about your talents for sports at home or at the gym around the corner. All according to your personal GenBluePrint.