Who are our partners?

To make NEOBODIES possible we work together with several partners:


In order to optimize your life and reach maximum performance on every single area of our lives, we will follow the following 5-step program:

1.     Breathe: None of the steps below can be executed if we don’t know how to breathe correctly.

2.     Drink: When we drink too little water, our physical abilities will drastically decline.

3.     Eat: Supplying our body with foods that are actually right for us will bring us to the next level.

4.     Relax: Our body will only be able to perform if we are able to relax.

5.     Move: We will move and exercise in a way that fits us best and that will do are body as little harm as possible.



Start eating the most natural way. With UPeating your digesting system will work better so you will feel better, fitter and may also loose some weight.


PT 075

Welcome in the gym (Zaandam, the Netherlands) were Neobodies, Unplugging, UPeating and CRX Genetic training were put to the test. Conclusion: IT WORKS!



MichaelAngello is the designer and printer of all the shirts, hoodies and more worn and sold at PT 075, Neobodies and Unplugging.