Serious training and serious results

When you start training, eating and living according to your own GenBluePrint you will notice that all the pieces of the puzzle start to fall in place. The body will repair itself from all the attempts that you took to get into shape. Our experience has shown us that many people follow the wrong workout schedules, which is why they don’t achieve their goals. Has your trainer ever told you why you should train in a certain way? What type of workout fits you best?

We are going to tell you and explain why it is preferred to train in the way we recommend. This will give you the fastest results. You can then decide which road to follow. The long, slower road or the short and fast road: NEOBODIES. 


Gino (getting in shape) ...My weight has reduced with more than 20 kilograms and my clothing sizes have reduced as well. That is, my pants size has gone from a size 38 tot a size 33 and I don’t wear XXL shirts anymore, but size L. In everything I do, I notice l live healthier; you will not only feel better and look healthier, but you will also approach things more positively. What I have achieved along the road is achievable by everyone.


Gemmy (getting in shape)...My daughter-in-law told me that her gym was introducing the NEOBODIES program in the new year. In my case, the carbohydrates were genetically not good for me. They were rigorously eliminated from my meals the first weeks. Instead of that I had to eat more foods containing proteins. On top of that, I trained twice a week with a 30-minute workout especially designed for me. Results? I lost 15 kilo’s in 12 weeks.