Do you want to be a "the Master" in your own sport? 

Do you know all aspects of your own sport? Do you get the most out of your technique and all the know how you have about your sport? But.... Don't you reach that level that you want to achieve? NEOBODIES can help you to reach the levels you want. NEOBODIES takes you to that higher level through your natural talent!

Your tool: "Your GenBluePrint" we combine with: 

Do you want TOTALE guidance in mastering your own sport?  

Choose the NEOBODIES 7 programme: Your personal GenBluePrint with expert. Your personal training programme with expert Your personal nutrition program with expert 12 weeks guidance (Of course it is possible in consultation to take a longer course) Monthly Face 2 Face appointments where progress and new training sessions are discussed and the possibility to fine-tune your personal program. Movies of your workouts (downloads: so you always have them with you) Appcoach Tips Extra support via mail and app.